MrAddon's Apps

Kanban Gantt for Jira (jGantt)

Create a Gantt of your Kanbans in a very simple way, compatible with New Status Colors PRO, Kanban Combined WIP and Issue Card Printer Apps.

Kanban Combined WIP for Jira

Combine columns and WIPs of your Kanbans, add scroll, color cards and beautiful background landscapes so you can better identify your tasks.

QR Issue Card Printer for Jira

Print beautiful cards directly from your Kanbans or from the searches of Issues or filters. It also includes a QR code so you can easily synchronize your physical board.

New Status Colors PRO for Jira

Adds a universe of colors to the statuses of Jira, visible on your dashboards when viewing filters and now compatible with Kanban Gantt (jGantt).

New Status Colors for Jira

Two new colors for Jira statuses, one for rejection statuses and another one for waiting statuses. Plug and play.

New Status Colors for Confluence

The best plugin for New Status Colors for Jira. Two new colors in the statuses that the Confluence Macro shows to display Jira filters and Issue searches.

Support Admin Tools for Jira

Jira Admins wrench, copy and paste contexts between custom fields, filter and speed up long Jira checks, show customfields ID, priorities ID, search, add countdown to Jira banner and much more!

Description Templates for Jira

Save your favorite ticket descriptions and recreate new tickets with those templates, help create Issues with nice content, tables, colors and panels.

Standalone Project Template for Jira

A very simple project template that helps start independent projects from scratch and with a separate copy of a permission scheme template.

Enlarge Your Excel Export for Jira

Export more than 1000 issues from Jira in a single Excel.

Priority Matrix

Priority Matrix, escalate and score Issues through Impact, Severity and Urgency.